Bathroom Renovation with Large Custom Glass Shower (Hamilton Bathroom Renovations Contractor)

We are proud to show our most recent bathroom renovation completed for our Clients in Hagersville, Ontario. This stunning bathroom features custom white vanity, quartz countertop with under mount sink, marble 24×24 tiles, large custom shower with beautiful glass shower doors. Thank you to our Clients Jen & Tyler for allowing us into their home to help with this beautiful transformation.

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Bathroom Renovation with Quartz Countertop (Hamilton Bathroom Renovation Contractor)

Another stunning bathroom remodel project we recently completed. This bathroom has been completely updated with a custom antique white vanity, quartz countertop, new tile flooring, new bathtub with a pot light, accent tile walls and a custom niche. Thank you to our clients for allowing us to complete this bathroom project.

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Bathroom Renovation with Custom Shower (Oakville Bathroom Renovation Contractor)

One of my favourite bathroom renovations to date.  Our Clients in Oakville were looking to bring their 1980s bathroom into the modern era.  With another bathroom (with bathtub) already on the 2nd floor of their home, they were interested in removing the original bathtub from their Ensuite, and building a custom walk-in shower with glass doors, bench and niche.  This transformation turned out absolutely stunning with their high end finishes and colour selection.  This new Ensuite has not only increased the value of their already beautiful home, but it has become a more functional space which they will enjoy for years to come.  Thank you for allowing us into your home to complete this beautiful bathroom remodel.

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5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes


Planning on starting a major renovation this year?  Here are 5 common mistakes home owners can make during a home renovation project.


1. Removing structural walls

It’s the new norm.   We all want to live in homes where walls do not impede our sight lines.   It hard to believe that our parents and grandparents were all able to raise us with walls separating each room.  Yet we all grew up just fine.    But I get it, an open floor plan makes the living area feel much bigger, and allows home owners to easily entertain their guests.    With that said, a home owner should be asking the right questions before removing any walls in their home.  The obvious concern is whether the wall is structural or not (load-bearing).   If the wall is structural, your Contractor (or you for a DIY project), should obtain a structural engineer to review the structural components and load points in your home.  They will be able calculate the appropriate beam sizes and post locations to ensure the upper floor and roof structure in your home remains supported.  And don’t forget to get a permit!   Not only is it the law, but it saves you on legal liability in the event the structure fails in the future.  Also, having an extra set of eyes on the work is always good to catch any oversights or mistakes before it gets covered up with drywall.

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Choosing the Right Backsplash Tile

White kitchen with white backsplash tiles

The first question I’m often asked by a client when discussing backsplash tiling, is “what style of tile would you recommend?”   My answer, following a smile, is “whichever tile you like.”

Selecting the right tile for your backsplash can be overwhelming.  Do I select a stone?  Or is glass mosaic still in?  What about plain subway tiles?  Walking down the tile aisle in any home improvement store, these are often the questions you ask yourself.  You go into the store with one idea of what you like, and walk out questioning your whole design.  Today, choices range from stone, mosaic, glass, mirror, stainless steel and plain white tiles.  Not to mention colour choice and layout orientation (horizontal vs. vertical).  Designers may be best to help walk you through this process.  However as a contractor, I can offer some advice when selecting a backsplash and can even make the selection process easier on you.

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